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“When some feature of an event seems similar to an emotionally charged memory from the past, the emotional mind responds by triggering the feelings that went with the remembered event. The emotional mind reacts to the present as though it were the past. Thoughts and reactions at this moment will take on the coloration of thoughts and reactions of the past. We make rationalisations, justifying them in terms of the present moment, without realising the influence of the emotional memory.” -

Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence.

What Is Soul Theatre?

Soul Theatre is a safe and creative way to explore your inner landscape; to regain control of the parts that are controlling you and discover the gold that is hiding in the shadows. Soul Theatre is a shame free way to face your hurt, fear and anger; thus learning how to live more fully in the present. Most of all, it is a way to love yourself through the journey of life that you have chosen.

Soul Theatre is a personal growth process which brings your hidden powers out of the shadow and into the light. We all have hidden powers within us and don't always allow ourselves to use them. We have all been hurt and have learnt to hide significant parts of ourselves, so we don't get hurt again.

C. G. Jung developed the theory of Archetypes in order to identify specific controlling energies within the human psyche. Soul Theatre uses four of these Archetypal energies – Sovereign, Warrior, Magician and Lover – as tools to focus and transform shadows within the psyche. By accessing our inner King we learn to bless and honour ourselves, our “big visions” in life and other people at a much deeper level. Our inner Warrior helps us to assess risks, to define the true service to our inner king and to take appropriate action. Our inner Magician teaches us to create “ritual spaces” for ourselves in which all our parts can live and be transformed. The Lover shows us how our most persistent emotional issues are driven by our love and how to transform those issues into personal blessings.

Soul Theatre uses a unique synthesis of ancient and modern tools to identify and process repressed aspects of the psyche. The method includes the use of music, coloured cloth, symbolic objects and role play to help you go deeper into your  experiences and reconnect with the emotional and archetypal roots of your process.

What Is the Soul Theatre Process Like?

The Soul Theatre process starts when a participant comes into the middle of the group and the facilitator asks them the question: "What would you like to have happen here today?" Whatever you want to have happen then becomes the guiding force in your individual process. Other participants will hold the space for you to work on your issue in middle and with some of them also helping but playing roles in your process.

Most often people want something that falls into one of these categories:

  1. Bullet    to understand why they behave or feel in a certain way

  1. Bullet    to break through old patterns of behaviour

  1. Bullet    to work with feelings like fear, grief, anger or shame

  1. Bullet    to get help or support for unfolding more of themselves

Using the Soul Theatre tools, the facilitator helps by reconstructing your issue, so that you can identify the issue and view it objectively. The facilitator suggests perspectives about your process and can facilitate powerful techniques for re-integrating energies and for you to achieve “what you want”. The facilitator will ask for your choice at each step, so that it is your objective that guides the process. No one is ever pressured to go beyond their own comfort level.

A Soul Theatre process generally involves the safe exploration of deep emotions. Each human emotion is like a doorway that can open up to an expanse of internal energy.

Anger (Warrior Quadrant) opens up to our ability to set our boundaries. It helps us learn when to say "Yes" and when to say "No." It keeps us from getting trapped in unhealthy situations and it helps us know who we really are.

Sadness (Lover Quadrant ) is the doorway to our connection with other people. It opens us to love, revealing our vulnerability and desire for loving relationship. Sadness helps us connect with the spiritual realities that we hold sacred. It helps us stay in tune with our bodies and with nature.

Fear (Magician Quadrant) can help us detach from a situation and look at it objectively. Fear can be a wonderful advisor which creates new options for our future and counsels us about the present.

Joy (Sovereign Quadrant) can inspire us to live our dreams. Joy can give us courage and direction when we are lost and bless us with the knowledge that our lives have real meaning.

Exposing parts of our shadow can feel risky, so in a group setting Soul Theatre processes only begin after a strong sense of safety and trust has been built among the participants; this is achieved through carefully designed group exercises. To effectively work with our shadows we  need a place where we can feel safe and have trust in  others. Soul Theatre provides such a space, with the grace of the Sovereign, the precision  of the Magician, the strength of Warrior and the tenderness of the Lover.

Maximum number of participants in a 2,5-day seminar is 12.

  For information about the practical aspects of therapy, such as length of sessions please see FAQ.


Soul Theatre