Dr Lara Lagutina, London SE16, UK


    Arnold Mindell, who along with his partner Amy created Process Work, talks about the dreaming roots of reality. He observes that “after many years of working as a therapist  … it seems to me that ignoring the Dreaming is an undiagnosed human epidemic. People everywhere suffer from a chronic form of mild depression because they are taught to focus on everyday reality and forget about the Dreaming background.” (Mindell, 2000, p.7). From this standpoint, it is very important to work on increasing our awareness of dreaming. Such awareness in turn helps to discover deeper meaning behind our most troubling symptoms and experiences, and reconnect to our life-giving essence.

    Process Work offers diverse tools for working with relationship difficulties,  dreams, chronic symptoms and illness, death and dying, addictions, and a wide range of individual and group processes.

    For information about the practical aspects of therapy, such as length of sessions please see FAQ.


Process Work